Don’t Bolt When You Stain Mom’s Antique Tablecloth


In a moment of clumsiness, you knocked over your coffee. Now mom’s favorite tablecloth is a drab brown color. Don’t let a disastrous spill put a damper on your day. Come straight to Greer, South Carolina’s dry cleaning professionals. Fowler’s French Dry Cleaner offers curtain, comforter and tablecloth dry cleaning. Life’s little accidents are unavoidable – don’t sweat it.

Trying to clean your window treatments?

While Fowler’s French Dry Cleaner regularly washes curtains, there are some parts of a window treatment that have to stay at home. Here are a few tips for cleaning shades and valances:

Damp dust your blinds – wet a cleaning rag and squeeze out the excess water. Then run the rag over each panel of your blinds to remove dust.

Vacuum your valances – using the detachable nozzle of your vacuum cleaner, suck dirt and dust from your window treatments.

Sponge your shades – if pleated shades are stained, apply upholstery cleaner to a sponge. Gently spot clean the stained area and let it air-dry.

Feel free to contact Greer, SC’s preferred dry cleaning company for additional pointers.