Do You Appreciate Greer, SC’s Quality Dry Cleaning Service?


Fowler’s French Dry Cleaner opened in Greer, South Carolina in the ‘60s. Since then, we’ve helped busy housewives, bachelors and folks on the run with laundry. Our professional dry cleaning services are popular throughout the Greer region. We pay strict attention to detail and take exquisite care of our customers’ linens. For pricing information, call Fowler’s at 864-877-1378.

We dry clean:

  • Dress shirts and polos
  • Blouses and T-shirts
  • Wedding gowns and formal attire

Stop in today with your hamper – we won’t judge that mountainous laundry pile of yours.

3 tips for storing your wedding dress

Your big day might be over, but you can keep the magic of your wedding alive. Whether or not you pass down your gown, you should always remember feeling like a princess. Once you pick up your dry-cleaned dress from Fowler’s, keep these storage tips in mind:

  1. Wrap your dress in muslin – this will prevent it from absorbing anything acidic or oily
  2. Store your dress in a dark closet – direct sunlight will beam through the garment bag and yellow the fabric
  3. Hang the dress on a padded hanger – wire and wood hangers will bend beneath the weight of the gown

Trust Fowler’s to carefully preserve your bridal wardrobe.